3 Step Program ™

Complete Care for Mom, Dad, and Preemie from pregnancy to 18 years old.


Help us reach our goal of 1,000,000 high-risk pregnant and NICU families  with NICU Grads

aged 0-18 years old enrolled by 12/2021.


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First Step 

High-Risk Pregnancy 


Workshops, Doulas, Care Boxes


Second Step


0-5 years old


Workshops, Care Boxes, Lactation,

Meal Prep, Home Visitation, and more.


Third Step

5 Years old - 18 Years old

Tutoring Services, Workshops, IEP Review, Transportation help, Career Workshop

GLO Preemies 3 step program is for NICU Families from 0 - 18 Years Old. High Risk pregnant families are invited to sign up for a free quarterly care box and help locating a doula.


If the birth results with a preemie, the family will be accepted into the NICU CITY Program. The NICU CITY program is an all-inclusive program that has all 3 steps plus more for families until the preemie turns 18 Years Old.

3 Step Program


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CAre Boxes

Sign up for our quarterly

care boxes for

high risk pregnant families until the NICU child reaches 1 Years Old.

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Receive our first tier of services until you are admitted to our NICU CITY™ program that last until the preemie is 18 Years Old.